Thank you for your interest in the MEMS Shared Instrument Group! Here is the basic protocol for getting started with instruments in our labs.

1. Reach out to lab manager Barbara Semar – you can use the “Become A User” form on this website, or call or email. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

2. We will have an initial 30-45 minute meeting in the lab or over zoom. I would like to see your sample and get a better idea of its properties and your testing goals.  If you are referencing any publications in designing your experiments, I would ask if you could send me these references in preparation for this meeting. This can help guide us on the accessories, methods, and conditions of our testing. I will also ask about any potential safety concerns with the sample or sample prep.

3. You must register for an iLab account if you do not already have one. Please see instructions here.

4. We will have a ~2 hour training session in which I provide training on instrument operation and safety. I’ll also go over the procedures and guidelines for the lab and recharge center.

5. We will have a second ~2 hour training session in which you take the lead. I will be available to answer questions. The purpose of this session is to verify that you are comfortable using the instrument independently. If at the end of this training session we are both comfortable with you using the instrument on your own, proceed to step 6.

6. We will review the Lab Specific Training document and both sign it. This will confirm that you have received training, and that you agree to the rules and procedures of using the instrument and lab. Your advisor will need to sign the MEMS SIG User Agreement. Please consult pricing for instrument usage in our Fee Schedule documentation (WUSTL credentials required – please contact Barbi for other academic, government, and industry pricing).

7. After all the forms are signed, you will be given access to schedule time on the instrument(s) via iLab.