Time on each of the instruments in the MEMS SIG is managed through iLab. Please register for an iLab account if you don’t already have one:

MEMS SIG users active prior to July 1, 2021: See instructions here
Users who joined the MEMS SIG after July 1, 2021: See instructions here.

After reserving your time on the iLab calendar, the iLab Kiosk program must be used to sign into and out of your instrument session. Kiosk is directly tied to iLab and will ensure that you are accurately billed for your time. 

In addition to beginning and ending sessions with the Kiosk, users must log into and out of individual sessions in the WUSTL-MEMS Slack workspace. Details will be provided during initial instrument training. Slack is used to reinforce the buddy system, maintain accountability, and encourage communication between users.