The recently upgraded MTS system uses a FlexTest 40 controller. It has a load frame capacity of 25 kN (5.5 kip). It is equipped with an MTS model 242.025 hydraulic actuator with a capacity of 10 kN (2.2 kip) and displacement range of 100 mm and a HYD-RO-AC torsional actuator (model SS001-1V) with a torsional capacity of 244 N-m (2100 in-lb) and angular rotation of 280°. It is equipped with a 550 lb/250 in-lb combined axial/torsional load cell and an additional 8 channel A/D board for external inputs. The system uses MTS TestSuiteTM software to control the test parameters, record and store data.

The MTS Bionix System is located in Jubel Hall, Room 231.