Please review the safety and use guidelines for the instruments you work with in the MEMS Shared Instrument Group.

Instron Guidelines for Use

  • If you use the pneumatic grips in your experiment, please watch the following video for details on the importance of setting instrument limits and pneumatic grip safety: Instron Safe Testing Videos

ElectroForce 3200 Guidelines for Use

Coming soon!

MTS Bionix Guidelines for Use

Additional information on MTS Bionix Coming Soon!

AR G2 Rheometer Guidelines for Use

Please join the channel #arg2-rheometer-jubel-231 in the WUSTL-MEMS Slack Workspace and use the following protocol:

Upon Arrival:
  1. Post a message in the arg2-rheometer-jubel-231 channel to let us know you have started your session
  2. If you have any concerns about the status of the instrument or the workspace, please let us know (or, feel free to message, email, or call me directly).
  3. Remember: take the black bearing cap off BEFORE turning on the instrument using the power strip. The black bearing cap should only be attached when the instrument is turned OFF.
During Session:
  1. If you have any issues with the hardware or software, please post a message here! We want to keep track of concerns. If multiple people are experiencing an issue, there could be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Don’t be shy!
  2. If we are running low on any supplies (IPA, kimwipes, gap-trimming tools, weigh boats, disposable pipettes), let us know.
Before Leaving:
  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the geometry and Peltier plate, and place the geometry back in storage
  2. Make sure to clean the work area, and remove or put away all sample prep tools that you used during your session
  3. Remember to replace the black bearing cap only AFTER you have turned off the instrument using the power strip! The black bearing cap should only be attached when the instrument is turned OFF.
  4. Post a message here on the slack channel to confirm that you have finished your session and followed the protocol above before leaving the room.
If you cannot make your scheduled session for any reason please cancel the reservation on the google calendar and post a note in slack so that others know the system is now available.